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Applied CSR

Meeting the needs of our clients and supporting their sustainability endeavours is our priority. To do so, we are where our clients are! Our highly flexible team and workplaces enable us to always be in situ, avoiding stringent company structures.

Our culture is open-minded, we approach topics and challenges unbiased and foster the self-responsibility and self-initiative of our own people and the people we work with.

The CSI team combines a unique skill set of business engineering and economy, economic geography and social science, which allow us to approach common sustainability challenges from new angels and find flexible, practical solutions.

All our employees and partners speak local languages such as Bengali, Urdu or Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), which are critical to provide customised services in the markets where we operate. In addition, our daily business languages include English and German in full professional proficiency.

Every organisation we engage with is unique. Although there are common challenges, each situation requires a tailor-made approach. As there is no one size fits all solution towards sustainable industry development, all our projects and services are customised towards individual framework conditions and needs.

Experience has shown that occasional factory audits fall short on initiating continuous development processes. Therefore, we developed the so called “applied CSR” approach. Focussing on management processes, we support our partners with the development of the fundamental sustainability management system. This enables factories to manage sustainability and continuous development independently and self-reliant..

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