Who is CSI Ltd.

Consulting Service International Ltd. (CSI) was founded in Hong Kong in 2005. One year later, we opened our liaison office in Dhaka, Bangladesh to cater the dynamics in the textile, footwear and leather goods industry. Apart from our presence in Asia, CSI is also represented by consultants in Berlin, Germany and Lisbon, Portugal.

Our international team of consultants supports clients from the private and public sector with sustainable developments in the textile and leather industry. We are working in all major production markets of the Global South and Europe. Currently, projects are run in more than 7 countries, including China, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Ukraine.

Our international, multilingual team combines vast experience in the field of sustainability management and the application of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies, sharing a genuine interest in the challenges we undertake on our clients’ behalf.



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